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Debt problems in the UK have reached a critical level and for some, the debt cycle seems never ending. Becoming clear of debt is achievable, and the Going Debt Free website is designed to help achieve that goal, with information on a huge range of debt issues such as knowing your legal rights with debt collectors, staying debt free, and identifying your own personal debt triggers.
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Bank Debts: Your Credit Rating, Is Your Bank Getting You Into Debt?, Taking Out a...
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Case Studies: Cosmetic Surgery and Debt: A Case Study, Debt Collection Harassment:...
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Coping With Debt: Avoiding the Debt Advice Scammers, Essential Steps When Debt...
Debt Solutions
Debt Solutions: Financial Sacrifices to Reduce Debts in One Year, Quick Fix Debt...
FAQs: Pay Back Debts Quickly and Build Up Savings, Stop Debt With a Debt...
Household Debts
Household Debts: Using the Internet to Increase Household Income, Avoiding Never...
Reasons For Debt
Reasons For Debt: Online Credit and Debt, Low Income Earners and Debt Traps, Coping...
Results Of Debt
Results Of Debt: Common Debt Myths, Coping With Missed Opportunities Due to Debt, The...
Staying Debt Free
Staying Debt Free: The Importance of Creating an Emergency Savings Fund, How to Kick...
Latest Comments
  • None
    Re: Stopping a Wages Arrestment
    Ive received a wages arrestment but it is i my married name which i no longer go by and it is addressed to my works local office…
    8 April 2017
  • Shaza
    Re: Stopping a Wages Arrestment
    Hi I've received a letter to tell me my wages are being arrested and they have wrote to my employer to deduct the money but I have…
    19 March 2017
  • Fran
    Re: Stopping a Wages Arrestment
    How do you find out who has done the arrestment as I get money off wages and don't know who ito foro
    16 February 2017
  • jc1
    Re: Stopping a Wages Arrestment
    a well known scots legal firm arrested my pay in respect of council tax after clearly telling me over the phone that the arrestment…
    16 January 2017
  • carol
    Re: Stopping a Wages Arrestment
    hi had my wages arrested by scot and company payed the debt off and there still taking money off me what can I do
    10 November 2016
  • Ant64
    Re: Irresponsible Lending and Increased Debts
    @May22 - The banks have tried to entice us into lending for a good while now, which is the one of the reasons…
    12 August 2016
  • May22
    Re: Irresponsible Lending and Increased Debts
    I just wanted to share my story on how irresponsible lenders can be. I have always struggled to budget money and…
    11 August 2016
  • hc1994
    Re: Stopping a Wages Arrestment
    i had 1900 paid to me by saas - studant award agency scotland back in 2010. now in 2016 my wages have been arested to pay the full…
    6 June 2016
  • Steve
    Re: Stopping a Wages Arrestment
    I have an Arrestment but due to change in circumstance need to enter debt management plan can Arrestment be stopped and remaining…
    11 January 2016
  • joannem
    Re: Stopping a Wages Arrestment
    My husband is self employed runs a Ltd company and can his wages be arrested? We live in Scotland not sure if that comes in to it
    5 December 2015
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